shodan adventures part 1

Shodan Adventures Part 1

There’s been a lot of issues with Netgear’s remote management web page in its routers in the past, and the guidance has been to disable the remote management web page. Well, I decided to see how many people have left their Netgear router vulnerable because they have the remote management enabled. (more…)

ransomware deployment

Ransomware Deployment Protocol (RDP)

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol that is used by people that need to access the desktop of a remote Windows computer. Hackers have been gaining access to these remote machines for over a decade thanks in part to weak passwords that are used to “secure” them by just guessing the username and password. Once hackers gain access, they have all the data that is on that computer, but instead of stealing the data, they are launching ransomware. (more…)


The Tampa Bay Ukulele Society

The Ukulele

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Nickie McNichols.

I am an event organizer/director of the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society. We are a C corp non-profit organization. We have over 1800 members on Meetup, and over 1000 on Facebook. Our efforts are aimed at education, entertainment, and giving back to the community. We graduated 100 kids in our free Ukulele Summer Camp program this year. This is our 3rd year doing free library workshops, teaching ukulele beginners of all ages. These are done at several libraries in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, and soon to be extended to Pasco and Hernando counties. (more…)