antivirus bug

Antivirus Bug Can Be Used to Attack You

A new antivirus bug called AVGater was discovered by a Vienna, Austria researcher named Florian Bogner. The bug can be exploited by local users only and allows the attacker to have full control over the computer by misusing the restore from quarantine in antivirus. The three access areas of antivirus are the unprivileged domain that consists of the user interface, the SYSTEM that consists of the Windows service, and the Kernel that consists of the operating system kernel (the core of the operating system). The image below depicts the basic functions and communication of antivirus. (more…)

bad rabbit

Bad Rabbit is Another Ransomware Epidemic

good rabbitThis picture of a bunny is a good rabbit, but unfortunately, we have a bad rabbit on our hands. The Bad Rabbit is a new ransomware variant that began in Russia, spread to the Ukraine then to the rest of eastern Europe to include Bulgaria and Turkey. Three Russian media organizations that also infected visitors to their website, Odessa International Airport and Kiev Metro in Ukraine were the first to fall victim to Bad Rabbit. It’s estimated that 200 companies have been targeted. The method of delivery is a drive-by-attack that places a ransomware dropper on the victim’s computer. The most successful way Bad Rabbit has gotten onto to computers is a fake Flash update warning.  Avast Intel Threat lead researcher Jakub has said that Bad Rabbit has been detected in the United States. (more…)

when hacked

You’ve Been Hacked – What Should You Do?

Signs You’ve Been Hacked

In today’s threat landscape it is a matter of when hackers will gain access to your computer or cell phone, not if. Proper layers of security keep most of the malware out of your system and when malware does make it on your system the impact is reduced by containment, but none of us live in an ideal world. The indicators that a hacker has gained access are not always apparent and may seem like an annoyance or trivial, but if your computer closely matches the following signs, you might have been hacked. (more…)

Rainbow and Waterfall

How Much Do You Trust Your Antivirus Company?

Do you know which data your antivirus collects during scans? Antivirus has kernel level access to the operating, meaning there isn’t a file on your computer hard drive that it can’t touch. Antivirus scans data that is being read from and written to the hard drive, and depending on which antivirus company you choose, data in memory could be examined giving you greater protection. (more…)