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information security

The Cost Center Illogic of IT and Infosec

For decades IT and InfoSec have been looked upon as money suckers as a result of the poor understanding of their value and the true role they play in creating revenue. The idea of removing IT and InfoSec from a cost center view has stirred up strong emotion on Twitter. I posited that, since IT […]

Enough with the Hoodies: Education without the scare tactics

Growing up, I had DARE & abstinence-only education, which were comprehensive national education programs designed to educate children and keep them safe. They are an easy sell with a “wholesome” and straightforward answer to an otherwise complicated subject. “Just Say NO!” can be readily understood by young and old and easily marketed. Why not for […]

Security Onion Set Up Part 1: Planning for Version 16.04

The guidance in the article “Security Onion Set Up Part 1: Planning” no longer applies if you’re using the new Security Onion image because it uses Elastic Stack instead of ELSA. Elastic Stack might be a resource hog, but the workflow is superior compared to ELSA in the way you can visualize data in the […]