Cybersecurity Consulting and Education

What We Do

At Ensurtec, our focus is on the survival of your business through security in-depth. Malware is becoming more complex and falls into the hands of more people than ever before. Nation state hacking groups have lost control of their powerful weapons, and anyone can purchase these weapons online. End user and executive board education, and proper security controls are essential tools in today's connected world. We are passionate about our craft, and dedicated to securing the information and networks of our clients.

Risk Assessments

We conduct HIPAA, PCI, and non-compliance risk assessments to check for gaps in your security controls.

Network Security

We take a holistic approach to network security by offering installation and configuration of spam filters, firewalls, endpoint protection, hardening of servers and workstation, and physical security.

Security Awareness Training

Many times the end user is the first line of defense or the last line of defense, and by having an educated workforce the likelihood of a successful attack is greatly reduced.

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