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Monero mining botnet is making a fortune

Proofpoint has been tracking a botnet that mines a cryptocurrency called Monero. What makes Monero attractive for attackers is that it’s a private digital currency that is advertised as secure, private, and untraceable. Bitcoin has been dropping in value while Ethereum and Monero have gained value, and Bitcoin doesn’t have complete anonymity making it less […]

Web Trackers Exploit Your Browser Credential Manager

Browsers give you the option of auto-filling your username and password as a convenience, but convenience usually comes with vulnerability in the cyber world, and this is no exception. There are two scripts used by over one thousand websites to steal your email address and other user identifiers to send to third-party servers to track […]

Antivirus Bug Can Be Used to Attack You

A new antivirus bug called AVGater was discovered by a Vienna, Austria researcher named Florian Bogner. The bug can be exploited by local users only and allows the attacker to have full control over the computer by misusing the restore from quarantine in antivirus. The three access areas of antivirus are the unprivileged domain that […]