anonymous: Operation Child Safety

Anonymous: Operation Child Safety

The hacking group Anonymous came to the forefront of America’s consciousness in 2008 when they took on the Church of Scientology. Anonymous is known as a hacktivist group in which they create operations or projects for specific activist causes. Of all the operations, Operation Child Safety and other pedophile hunting teams discover the most gruesome images that can quickly cause mission fatigue, but they press on. (more…)

Round Up of Defaced Websites

Defacing a hacked website is usually for the sake of sending a message that the web server is insecure, but as you will see below, that is not always the case. These are just a sample of images, but it appears Turkish hackers have gone on a rampage. For the sake of displaying a diverse amount of hacking groups, I must have gone to 15 or so websites defaced by Turkish hackers, which lengthened my collection time by over an hour.

All websites have a US-based IP address.

Hat tip Shodan. (more…)

Hack back law

Hack Back Legislation – The No Good Terrible Idea

There is legislation in the House of Representatives that will give legal authority to people to “hack back,” or hack the hackers that hacked the people hacking the hackers. The FBI and CIA arrest people overseas that try to hack the NSA and CIA in retaliation for the cyber espionage they engage in, but the United States wants to give people and corporations the legal authority to retaliate on their own for breaches. Let’s simply call this the hack back legislation. (more…)

hackers hacked

Hackers Hacked the Hackers that Hacked Kaspersky

The NSA is spying on everyone around the world.

That’s the conclusion after the recent information that has come to light. Israel says it gained access to Kaspersky system in 2015, and while Israel was in their systems, Russian hackers were observed gaining access to the same information systems. Russia was spying on the United States through Kaspersky while Israel was spying on Russia through Kaspersky with the NSA doing its NSA thing, or as Handmaids Tale would say “Under His Eye.” (more…)