Round Up of Defaced Websites

Defacing a hacked website is usually for the sake of sending a message that the web server is insecure, but as you will see below, that is not always the case. These are just a sample of images, but it appears Turkish hackers have gone on a rampage. For the sake of displaying a diverse amount of hacking groups, I must have gone to 15 or so websites defaced by Turkish hackers, which lengthened my collection time by over an hour.

All websites have a US-based IP address.

Hat tip Shodan.

This person is deeply offended.


They got that high level.

Because, why not fruit?


Technical is a busybody – 10 websites defaced.

Pretty colors.

Of course, anime.

No, I’m not. I used a VPN.


Only you know what this means hacker person.

Conviction runs deep.

Zombies are the hotness these days.

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