Anonymous: Operation Beast

Anonymous: Operation Beast

Anonymous: Operation Beast purpose is to bring down websites and social media accounts that create and distribute beastiality images and video. Surprisingly, not all states and countries have laws against beastiality partly making Operation Beast a political movement. I had the opportunity to speak with two of the leaders of the operation – Priscilla, and Rekt.


how a rape case was buried

How a rape case was buried

A relationship between Alex Pelzer, a musician, and a young girl began on YouTube through the music he created and the innocent comments she would leave.  On the surface, this case appears to be a musician that lures underage girls into a sexual relationship through the Internet, but there is a lot more than meets the eye. This story details how a rape case was buried, and the possible ties to a pedophile ring in Washington D.C. The real name of MommaBear and the name of her daughter and the details about their life are not used so that their identities will remain protected. (more…)

monero mining botnet

Monero mining botnet is making a fortune

Proofpoint has been tracking a botnet that mines a cryptocurrency called Monero. What makes Monero attractive for attackers is that it’s a private digital currency that is advertised as secure, private, and untraceable. Bitcoin has been dropping in value while Ethereum and Monero have gained value, and Bitcoin doesn’t have complete anonymity making it less usable for the commission of a crime. Today, I’m covering a Monero mining botnet called Smominru. (more…)

anonymous: Operation Child Safety

Anonymous: Operation Child Safety

The hacking group Anonymous came to the forefront of America’s consciousness in 2008 when they took on the Church of Scientology. Anonymous is known as a hacktivist group in which they create operations or projects for specific activist causes. Of all the operations, Operation Child Safety and other pedophile hunting teams discover the most gruesome images that can quickly cause mission fatigue, but they press on. (more…)