Shodan Adventures Part 4 – Smart Speakers

I’ve written about IoT threats in the past about Huwaei Gateways, Netgear routers, and IP cameras, but this time I’m covering the must-have device over the past couple years. Smart speakers.

Shodan Adventures Part 2

Do you remember the Mirai botnet? If you don’t, here’s a quick refresher. Mirai is an internet-of-things malware that turns DVRs, security cameras, toasters, refrigerators, etc., into a zombie that can attack another network or device with a flood of empty data that will overwhelm and cause a denial-of-service (the device or network loses internet... Continue reading Shodan Adventures Part 2

Round Up of Defaced Websites

Defacing a hacked website is usually for the sake of sending a message that the web server is insecure, but as you will see below, that is not always the case. These are just a sample of images, but it appears Turkish hackers have gone on a rampage. For the sake of displaying a diverse... Continue reading Round Up of Defaced Websites