exploring the dark

Exploring the Dark and Deep Web

The Front Page of the Deep Web

The self-proclaimed front page of the deep web is The Uncensored Hidden Wiki, and when they say uncensored, they mean it. I will be covering a lot of what this hidden wiki offers, but some of it is too sensitive to include because I have no desire for you or me to feel disgusted.

If you don’t know the difference between the deep web and the dark web you can learn about the difference here. (more…)

shodan adventures part 2

Shodan Adventures Part 2

Do you remember the Mirai botnet?

If you don’t, here’s a quick refresher.

Mirai is an internet-of-things malware that turns DVRs, security cameras, toasters, refrigerators, etc., into a zombie that can attack another network or device with a flood of empty data that will overwhelm and cause a denial-of-service (the device or network loses internet connectivity). You can find more information on Mirai and a different species of IoT malware called IoTroop here. (more…)

Round Up of Defaced Websites

Defacing a hacked website is usually for the sake of sending a message that the web server is insecure, but as you will see below, that is not always the case. These are just a sample of images, but it appears Turkish hackers have gone on a rampage. For the sake of displaying a diverse amount of hacking groups, I must have gone to 15 or so websites defaced by Turkish hackers, which lengthened my collection time by over an hour.

All websites have a US-based IP address.

Hat tip Shodan. (more…)

dark web vs deep web

The Deep Web vs. The Dark Web

The Deep Web

The deep web is commonly known as the invisible web or the hidden web. The deep web is surprisingly large taking up 90% of the internet which is estimated to be 7.5 petabytes which most of that is made up of innocent content such as emails, logins, and subscription websites; generally, anything that requires a login will be stored on the deep web. 

The deep web contains over 90% of the information on the internet but is not able to be accessed by surface web users. (more…)