Web Trackers Exploit Browser

Web Trackers Exploit Your Browser Credential Manager

Browsers give you the option of auto-filling your username and password as a convenience, but convenience usually comes with vulnerability in the cyber world, and this is no exception. There are two scripts used by over one thousand websites to steal your email address and other user identifiers to send to third-party servers to track you.

Site owners are using one of two scripts that are an invisible login form that recognizes that your browser is using auto-fill. ...

exploring the dark

Exploring the Dark and Deep Web

The Front Page of the Deep Web

The self-proclaimed front page of the deep web is The Uncensored Hidden Wiki, and when they say uncensored, they mean it. I will be covering a lot of what this hidden wiki offers, but some of it is too sensitive to include because I have no desire for you or me to feel disgusted.

If you don’t know the difference between the deep web and the dark web you can learn about the difference ...

Shodan Adventures Part 3

Shodan Adventures Part 3 – IP Cameras

You’ve always felt like you needed a little more home security, and pondered whether or not the hassle of a security camera would be worth the return. One day you finally give in and purchased a camera, or camera system, and thought that the peace of mind that being able to check on your home while away from over the internet is a convenient feature.

Not so much. ...

curious case

The Curious Case of FCC Net Neutrality Comments

Any proposal for the change, creation or removal of rules that the FCC is going to bring for a vote must have a period for public comments. The purpose of the public comments is for people to voice support for or against the proposal and to provide a substantive legal argument for or against the proposal. ...