Security Onion Set Up Part 2: Installation

This article is straightforward in that if you’ve installed an operating system before this won’t be an issue. The recommended installation medium is Rufus. Rufus creates a bootable thumb drive where you can place [.]img or [.]iso images. Thumb drives have a far higher data rate transfer than DVD’s making the installation quick.

You have 5 seconds to choose an option or the highlighted option will be chosen automatically. Hit enter or wait.
Choose the system language.
This is where installation pre-checks are done. Click “Download updates while installing.”
You have a lot of options here, but for most deployments, LVM is good enough. If you have PHI and PII for PCI DSS or HIPAA/HITECH then you MIGHT want to consider encrypting installation. Take into account your physical security.
This is where you’ll be committing the options you chose to disk.
Timezone selection.
Keyboard language.
User setup. You can’t use administrator because it’s already taken by the operating system.
This window varies in size based on what is being installed.
I don’t think this needs an explanation.
The last line is the most important.
This is what displays once Security Onion has restarted. Enter the credentials you created in the user setup step.

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