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Best Practices

Do you need to block advertisement shenanigans without blocking the advertisements?

If you’ve never heard of malvertising or need a better understanding, then you should read the article on malvertising first. If you’re familiar with malvertising and have run into issues with blocking advertisements, then I might have a solution for you. I recently ran into problems with blocking ads because non-ad images weren’t loading due […]

When do IT security investments matter?

MIS Quarterly presented a study that looked at the difference in moderating effect between substantive and symbolic IT security solution adoption in the healthcare sector. Part of the paper consists of a meta-study of past research and goes on to propose a new concept on how to view IT security investment – IT value point.

Web Trackers Exploit Your Browser Credential Manager

Browsers give you the option of auto-filling your username and password as a convenience, but convenience usually comes with vulnerability in the cyber world, and this is no exception. There are two scripts used by over one thousand websites to steal your email address and other user identifiers to send to third-party servers to track […]

Steps You Should Take After a Data Breach

A data breach is a cataclysmic invasion of privacy which can wreak havoc on both businesses and private individuals. 2017 surpassed the total number of data breaches in 2016 by mid-year. Today we touch up on what to do after a data breach.