google location snooping

Google Is Location Snooping In Android

If you thought that by turning off location services on your Android phone meant that your location wasn’t reporting to any application, you have been lulled into a false sense of security (locationlessness?). Google has been collecting location data from cell towers that the phone connects to, and there isn’t a notification of this activity, so the user is left unaware. (more…)

social media hacking

How Hackers Are Getting Social With Your Media

Social Media Hacking

Social media has become a gold mine for hackers. It’s just so easy! Individual social media platforms have been hackable since their introduction. Social media users don’t understand their vulnerability or even recognize how they are opening themselves up.

Social media to most means they have a platform to showcase their most significant accomplishments, catch up with friends, and promote their businesses, etc. They underestimate all the information they are putting out on the world wide web. (more…)

hilton settlement

The Hilton Settlement and Payment Card Security

The What and When

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has reached an agreement for a $700,000 fine. Settlement details state that New York will receive $400,000 and Vermont will receive $300,000. Hilton Hotels & Resorts suffered two data breaches in 2015 that resulted in the theft of 350,000 credit card numbers. The joint investigation by the attorney general from New York, Eric Schneiderman and the Vermont attorney general T. J. Donovan found that Hilton Hotels & Resorts didn’t provide customers with a timely notice of the breach and lacked reasonable security. Other than the monetary portion of the settlement Hilton Hotels & Resorts must immediately send a notification to consumers, maintain an information security program, and conduct information system risk assessments. (more…)