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The Twisted Reality of Military Leadership

I’ve been mulling over writing an article about how the military, specifically the Army, fails to teach leadership and do right by soldiers at an alarming rate for some time, but when a friend of mine retweeted the thread below, I finally found the motivation to move my words from tweet storms to something more […]

The Cost Center Illogic of IT and Infosec

For decades IT and InfoSec have been looked upon as money suckers as a result of the poor understanding of their value and the true role they play in creating revenue. The idea of removing IT and InfoSec from a cost center view has stirred up strong emotion on Twitter. I posited that, since IT […]

Enough with the Hoodies: Education without the scare tactics

Growing up, I had DARE & abstinence-only education, which were comprehensive national education programs designed to educate children and keep them safe. They are an easy sell with a “wholesome” and straightforward answer to an otherwise complicated subject. “Just Say NO!” can be readily understood by young and old and easily marketed. Why not for […]

Get it right or get out of the way

When a company has a break down in its processes blame is assigned based on whom the process owner is and the individual(s) responsible for completing the missed or an improperly executed task. When a low-level process is broken such as the case was with Experian and the missing Apache Struts patch that allowed an attacker to gain […]

Damore sues Google – The Verge gets it wrong

In case you haven’t heard, James Damore is suing Google for discrimination based on political beliefs for which he was fired. The legal complaint is lengthy, and I’ve read most of it. I say most of it because it contains constant harassment and discrimination claims by various people within Google.