Free Press: A Cruel and Heartless Plan

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Can you imagine living without phone or internet access?

Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, is moving forward this month with a heartless plan that would destroy the Lifeline program and rob poor people and people of color of an affordable phone and internet access.

Lifeline enables poor people to connect to jobs and life-saving emergency information and ensure that their children can complete their homework. Without this program, many families would have to choose between buying basic necessities and paying for phone and internet access.

Pai claims that he’s “bridging the digital divide” but in reality, he is gutting Lifeline, the only federal program focused on connecting poor people to press

Pick up the phone and urge the FCC to protect Lifeline.

There’s absolutely no justification for Pai’s plan. He’s pushing it to score political points with the Trump administration for furthering its racist, deregulatory and fact-defying agenda.

Pai’s a lost cause, but there’s no reason for his colleagues to support such a cruel plan. Ask them to stand up against dog-whistle politics, defend Lifeline and join us in fighting back against this war on the poor.

Tell the FCC to stop Pai from destroying Lifeline.

Pai plans to bar the companies offering the most affordable and popular Lifeline services from participating in the program and to adopt a lifetime benefits cap that would arbitrarily cut off funding for vulnerable participants like elderly and disabled people — regardless of what those users actually need.

Call Trump’s FCC chairman on his doublespeak: Low-income families need Lifeline.

When I was on Lifeline after being laid off from my teaching job, my Lifeline connection ensured that I had a reliable phone number on my resume, and a way to contact the admissions and financial aid offices at the law school I later attended. Like millions of others, I used Lifeline to improve my life and get back on my feet.

Don’t let Pai destroy Lifeline. Call now.

Thank you for all that you do—

Jessica and the rest of the Free Press team

P.S. If Chairman Pai gets his way, millions of struggling families will lose affordable phone and internet access. Pick up the phone and urge the FCC to block this proposal.