Security Awareness

Do you need to block advertisement shenanigans without blocking the advertisements?

If you’ve never heard of malvertising or need a better understanding, then you should read the article on malvertising first. If you’re familiar with malvertising and have run into issues with blocking advertisements, then I might have a solution for you. I recently ran into problems with blocking ads because non-ad images weren’t loading due to being served from an ad network which is ideal from a content delivery aspect, but terrible from a security…

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News Security Awareness

Cell interceptors detected around Washington DC

International mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) devices are used to spoof cell phone towers allowing the interception of text messages and phone calls. The most well known IMSI device is the Stingray which is what police departments use for surveillance. The existence of Stingrays was denied for years and companies that produced them are under non-disclosure agreements to protect the identity of purchasers.

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Linux Security Awareness Tutorials

The Dangers of Unsecured Amazon S3 Buckets and How to Find Them

In the world of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Amazon Web Services have established themselves as a king with their “only pay for what you use” business model. Their affordable services are scale-able to fit any need, from a hobbyist that wishes to create a website all the way up to large multi-national corporations. One of Amazon Web Services most popular services, their S3 Simple Storage Service, when configured improperly, can quickly turn from a valuable asset, into a…

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